Digital Marketing – Can you Ignore?

Posted by : Mukund Raghavan |

The game of marketing keeps changing year on year. Although there are tons of marketing ways to reach your target audience, one cannot ignore Digital Marketing as it can reach to vast audience sitting from your backyard. With few clicks you can start reaching people to make your product or service aware. With increased penetration in smartphones and reducing data plans, the potential of digital marketing is huge but let’s go deeper inside in this blog. I have bulletined few advantages and disadvantages of Digital Marketing.

Advantages of Digital Marketing:

  1. Reach – You can reach to massive audience. There are 500 million people on mobile devices in India which is almost 40% of the India’s population. If you have big bucks you can reach out each and every one of them. Likes HUL and PnG who are in to mass segment market can easily take this approach as the screen time on mobile is more than Television. If I remember correctly the TV is now only 18 minutes a day avg Indian vs. Mobile which is 200 minutes
  2. Execution – It is super-fast, it can be done in hours if not in minutes. In offline media – you have to plan, book and then execute. It takes at least days if not week for offline marketing. When it comes to digital, you can do in hours
  3. Cost – So far the lowest cost for reaching to your target audience. With likes of Google, you can reach 1000 users at $1 or maybe less. Try in offline, theatre gives you minimum of $33 for reaching 1000 users. TV gives you more but there is no measurement and you rely on TRP which is the most unorganised way of tracking the performance
  4. Precision & Personas – With advance technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which Living Consumer uses, you can target the right audience at the right time to ensure yours ads are not shown to everyone reducing the burn and helps you to increase your ROI. No offline media can do this and hence I am big advocate of Digital Marketing. It’s all about using AL and ML as the configurations are huge for a human to identify the right personas to go behind
  5. Trackable – You can track your engagement, not only track but also measure the level and depth of engagement. Will you ever know your TV ad being watched with singular mind-set? The answer is NO but when it comes to digital, you know well that the audience has clicked your ad, has shown interest and/or engaged with your brand.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing:

  1. Creatives – One wrong Creatives can procreate a havoc and brand is perceived in a different manner. It is very important to do a great A/B testing while using Creatives, understand the engagement response before you make the creative for mass use for your ongoing campaigns. A country like India with such diversification can take creative in a different way which common sense do not believe. It has happen and I am sure you read between the lines I am trying to say.
  2. Virality – Everyone loves organic growth. Digital Marketing brings lot of organic growth but when a brand is perceived in a wrong manner due to wrong branding it can go viral before and will be out of control – the nature of internet – it spreads like wild fire pulling down the brand image
  3. Replica – It is very easy for your competition to copy your ad sets. There are ample of tools available to understand what kind of Creatives you use. There are tools which tells you the keywords used, the description and also the key messaging. On top of all this, there are tools which tells you the publisher list you have chosen to show your ads which reveals the personas you are targeting. There is nothing called privacy when you do Digital. Living Consumer uses Just in Time media buying with lot of data patterns as input for target audience which helps the brand to make their TG much more secured and not open to competition.

Conclusion: I still feel Digital Marketing will win by miles very soon. If you feel I have left out some major points, do write at I would like to hear from you.