What is Affiliate Marketing?

Posted by : Mukund Raghavan |

So, in the previous blog we have helped you understand a few basic concepts around Digital Marketing, and how we at Living Consumer focus on all aspects of Digital Marketing, be it Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which helps in your organic growth or help you run paid campaigns on Search or Display via Search Engine Marketing or Google Display Network and also on other networks like Facebook Ad Network and other direct Display Networks.

One key and crucial player in this Digital Marketing space is Affiliate Marketing which typically started along with the whole Internet Marketing boom in India. Many of you must’ve heard of this and might have engaged with many partners who would run Affiliate Marketing, but you are not very sure how this goes about. In the following, we will try and simplify Affiliate marketing for you, and share some guidelines which you can keep in mind while engaging with Affiliate Marketing.

Across India, there are innumerable firms and agencies which run Affiliate Marketing, where they tie-up with other partners like end-publishers like apps, websites etc or partner with display networks. Most of these Affiliate Marketers end up being brokerage houses where they manage campaigns from their clients (you) and expose them to the end customer via the end-publishers or networks. They end up being Email marketing agencies which typically push emails for you to your prospective users. Through Affiliate Marketing, you can get a great reach of audience and expect very good penetration for your campaigns, but this is very helpful only if you are looking to bombard the end users with your product and brand. Most of these Affiliate Marketers do not provide too much intelligence with respect to user demography and behaviour. Their segregation criteria would typically involve geography and some level of demographic details. This results in campaigns being shown to much more than the target segments and could result in poor performance. Also, excessive exposure to unwilling prospects could drive negative feedback to your brand. Am sure even you have faced repeated mails regarding products you are not interested.


But having said that, Affiliate Marketers are a very critical cog in this Digital Marketing wheel in India. They provide a very large reach of users and can drive strong performance campaigns. This can be done through proper segregation of the strengths of these Affiliate Marketers. At Living Consumer, our MarkTech platform, XENA does this for you. XENA has all the past campaign information and through its artificial intelligence and by machine learning the newer campaigns, XENA can deliver the best results without the negatives you might associate with directly going to an Affiliate Marketer. Not just limited to geography and demography XENA can accurately identify prospects and reach her/him via a combination of sources such as Search, Email, SMS and Display.

In conclusion, Affiliate Marketing becomes a key part of your Marketing and advertising strategy and if used wisely, can become a sure-shot winner for you to drive significant digital traffic and business sales too.