What is Digital Marketing to me!

Posted by : Amit Vora |

Marketing is a way to have people discover your products and services. Sometimes it comes out as promoting brand name but the result is the same. Marketing can be achieved in multiple ways like TV, Radio, Print, Outdoors etc. We describe marketing in to 2 segments.

  1. Online
  2. Offline

Offline is everything which is not connected digitally. Examples are print, radio, satellites, outdoors, in-person (BTL) etc. Online Marketing is Digital Marketing where you are connected via mobile or desktop. Medium can be social, email, sms, news site, entertainment etc. Now you show any advertisement creative either or Facebook, Instagram, google, websites etc those are all traceable media. When we say traceable – it means – you can measure the performance.

Performance of the ad campaigns can be measured by engagement which in turns means how many people have actually interacted. Clicks is the most common way to measure interaction but company goes far beyond than clicks. It is the amount of time spent on the website or the app. It can be % of the lead generated and also % of the user transacted.


Living Consumer focuses only on Digital Marketing and that is where our experience lies. Everything above what has been mentioned is part of Digital Marketing and the crux is how to discover your products and services via digital media and track the performance.