Digital marketing Revolutionization with XENA AI

Posted by : Amit Vora |

Since the introduction of Google’s Machine learning tool “Rankbrain”, there has been continuous wave of every business turning towards machine learning and AI & Digital marketing is no exception.

As digital marketer, you are constantly going through troubled questions like – Who should I reach out to? What should I send? When should I schedule my posts? Over what channel will my posts have greater reach? Xena AI will give you the comprehensive answers to these questions to create engagement amongst customers and further lead to growth, sales and finally build a brand!

Let’s get started on how XENA AI will make revolution in Your digital marketing campaign & bring more revenue in your business.

 XENA AI – Predicting the Behaviour of Your Customer with Propensity Modelling and Predictive Analytics

Propensity models in XENA AI are to identify prospects who are more likely to do in app purchase or bring in more revenue to business. It gives correlation factor between customer characteristics with anticipated behaviours which is very crucial for AdWords professionals.

Predictive analytics in XENA AI allows you to predict purchase trends and user behaviour patterns.

What’s the process behind XENA AI:

  • Objective identification and data extraction: Identifying the business objectives and analysing the available source data to determine patterns that match your needs.
  • Model creation and validation: Data mining is used to refine and select a final model. These models are validated based on the set goals.
  • Apply results and manage models: Applying the model results into business decisions and constant auto-learning & refining the models for better outcomes.

XENA AI – Attribution model

It identifies which social media platform has been performing well and it gives the attribution of each social media platform that are mostly leading to direct traffic

XENA AI – Segmentation

It identifies various segments of your target market as well as create micro-segments based on behavioural patterns you may not be able to spot. This data can help you create a predictive approach to your customer segmentation, allowing you to lead each customer individually through his or her buyer journey.

XENA AI – Sentiment analytics

Mantra of every successful business – Understanding of the user and an understanding of the content.

XENA sentiment analytics will provide the comparative analysis of how each content and keywords has been performing in your digital marketing campaign and provides the recommendation based on data analysis.

XENA AI – Chatbots

XENA’s automated chatbot tools are responsible for interacting with clients and customers.

Chatbots help by uniquely promoting your brand or providing relevant data on your audience. This data will help brands market certain products, discover what needs fixing, and how to better target your desired audience.

  What will be end results once you are in sync with XENA AI?

  • Impactful Advertisements
  • Reaching the right person
  • Taking the guesswork out of marketing
  • Deliver a Highly Personalised Website Experience to Every User
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Search Sessions Get Easier
  • Return on Investment Will Be Better
  • User Experience Will Level Up

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